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We are a meeting point of different cultures and culinary traditions. Through our product offering we want to convey a spirit of globality and proximity to our guests, expressing the raison d’etre of our sweet and savory menu. Fonty is named after the quaint and picturesque town of Fontainebleau (France), a city where our founder and owner, Marie Valdez, lived and worked. Our interior decor is inspired by the cozy cafes of the US East Coast and by Parisian cafes, where people start their mornings with a good espresso or café latte, share a casual conversation, read the newspaper or simply snack something healthy.

People are the most important ingredient in our recipes. We feel pleased to share, with total transparency, our creative processes through the window of our workshop as our goal is to make our guests feel at home. At Fonty, we strive to blend traditional and innovative techniques and enjoy sharing the fruit of our work and our life experiences through our menu. We incorporate tastes, smells and textures of Europe, America and Asia that have brought meaning to our life´s work.

We aspire to be welcoming, modern and quality-driven by providing our customers with simple, honest and genuine pleasures. We want to be a meeting point where our patrons can enjoy the best high-end French pastries and savory dishes prepared with carefully selected ingredients. We are tradition and modernity amidst Barrio de Salamanca in two very special locations. Castelló 12 only a few meters from el Retiro, and Juan Bravo 41, a traditional boulevard lined with trees, very close to the Diego de León metro stop and metres away from the magnificent Ortega y Gasset shopping area.